The $1.1 Trillion Dollar Solution

FOOD for thought: African Americans were estimated to spend a staggering $1.1 trillion dollars in 2015. That shows immense buying power and economic input, but where has it all been going?
Has it been into the Black communities,schools or HBCUs? Maybe into the business development, investment projects, banks, corporations, department stores, real estate and trending industries like technology and manufacturing?
The good news is where there is a problem there is a solution.
We can change those answers from being few and far between, one business at a time. If we could support each other’s endeavors a little more, as well as be more than willing to drive a little further or wait a little longer for a service or product. We should keep in mind that our collective financial support means more to an entrepreneur than a multi-million dollar corporation, just focused on meeting goals. Referring the brother’s auto shop business across town before going to the manufacturer repair shop or choosing to shop at the local farmers market to support a sister’s home bakery before shopping at super target makes all the difference in the world.

It is the conscious effort to love and respect in another way. Putting our money where our mouth is. That is the beginning of black power. Where can you make a change?


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