So what is a pop up shop?

A Pop-up shop is a niche retail store that is opened temporarily. Locations and lease term options are limitless, allowing for creativity and flexibility. Most pop-up shops showcase seasonal or trending products. In the past, the growing industry was primarily dominated by apparel and toy demands, but more and more creative thinkers have branched outside of the spectrum and used the pop-up shop model within the beauty industry, technology industry, and even for the high end retail industry. According to Store Front Blog, one of the leading online market sites for short term retail space, these are the top specs in a nutshell.

Specific Details:

Term. Typically 1 day to 3 months.

Location. High foot traffic areas such as city centers, malls, and busy streets.

Price. Much lower than a traditional store; typically paid up front.

Use. Sell products, presence during holidays or events, launch new products, generate awareness, move inventory, test idea or location, increase ‘cool’ factor.

The store front team knows their stuff and have been mentioned by Fox business, CNBC, Forbes and the NY times, just to name a few. They offer tips, articles and success stories of pop ups from all over.

pop-up-shop2pop-up-5pop-up-shop-pics_1_0 (1)


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