Work Flow

You work hard, come in on time, maybe even early and stay late. You always take advantage of new training opportunities and would love nothing more than a promotion. You know the company and its core goals and values inside and out. You have that team spirit and you’ve been honored as employee of the month….

Buuuuut your manager’s high fives and pats on the back, isn’t cutting it anymore. You can barely remember the last time you had a weekend off. Your building someone elses wealth, someone you’ve never even met. Someone who’s company doesn’t truly esteem its employees, instead runs them to death and keep profits to themselves. Huge corporate monsters with quietly disgruntled employees, who feel stuck. While the owner is probably on an island, you are working hard for little to nothing. There is no work life balance.

If only you could afford your bills and still have some left over, if only you could save and invest.

If only you could have time to live and enjoy and use that hard earned income.

If only you could travel months out of the year…Live, relax, slow down and take your time.

If only if you were sick you could actually stay home and get better.

If only you could be happier and free.

If only you could raise your children and bring them to work and your employer would understand and accommodate your needs.

If only you could be your own boss.

If only you could improve the model of the hired employees and encourage others to do the same.

If only you could make a change in the workforce system and enjoy work and life.

The US ranks a mere 17th place in Happiness around the world. Are you happy, balanced and free?


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