5 (easy) Steps to Buying Black

So I’ve mentioned buying power and some facts about our economic status, but without united action in the little things there is no change. There is no progress. We can’t talk about it, we’ve got to be about it. We have got to be more than a hastag, more than a social media post, t shirt slogan and more than a protest poster.

We’ve got to be proactive and do a little each day, So here a 5 easy steps to supporting the cause:

  1. Be positive about your efforts to make a change
  2. Be willing to go the extra mile or more pay a little more
  3. Shop smarter, shop conscious, buy black
  4. Spread the word and encourage others do the same
  5. Be consistence and loyal! Keep shopping there,the same way you hit these malls (real talk!)

Good luck fighting for the cause and getting active!

If your in the D.C. Maryland and Northern VA area, I’d LOVE to know where your shopping and who your supporting! Comment and share that business below!


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