The truth about the entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurship is organization. It is punctuality, it is professionalism, it is self accountability. It is a humble respect and pride within your own works and efforts before you earn your first penny. Entrepreneurs aren’t a different type of people born. That is simply an excuse for hard work. It is early mornings and late nights for your legacy, freedom of time and mind, being and space. It is the knowledge of self manifested into the world that can fill a need, inspire the next and be the building blocks of the new order. The new rise, the new reality, the new identity and way of abundance, prosperity and wealth. Be the change you want to see and work not for them but for you. Entrepreneurship is everything and more if only you could see. It is not for the fearful, not for the weak, not for the doubters and those who lack dreams. It is the guaranteed investment in yourself that only you determine its performance. Don’t talk about a plantation with no chains, walk free. “

By Ashley Laine


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