Dreaming, wishing, thinking, doing

After tossing and turning, I finally got up at 2:30 am, fixed myself a cup of tea, to think and write. I reflected on how most of the knowledge prevalent today in reference to the widespread black condition and economic status.  How it was brought to light by the foresight of many great thinkers before their time. Yet, twenty and thirty years ago it was a new movement and many ideals were deemed to radical and far out. Many revolutionaries were faced with the biggest set back from their own supporters, black people.

Men and women, families and whole communities were afraid to change their situation no matter how wonderful change looked, in their hearts they did not have confidence in it. There was comfort in working under paid in the cities and as poor sharecroppers because of its familiarity. It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst. Present day that same attitude and fear causes us to settle working three jobs after college. We struggle valuing our knowledge,skill and potential because no one else does. When you cannot valuea-woman-looking-in-mirror_at1 yourself in a positive way, it is like the woman who looks in the mirror and sees herself ugly or fat. Not being able to envision anything different from what you know is misery. You confine your mind and reality by what you see. Like the freed slave,returning to the plantation.

I had to think of myself as already a writer, aspiring entrepreneur and a success. I had to see myself as more than just a woman in a permanent role, just a stay at home mom, house wife or college drop out etc.

You will never see the CEO, founder and owner, partner of a global brand or business in the mirror with that bad habit. You will never see yourself with free time, vacationing, enjoying life and working when you choose to work. experiencing that sense of freedom in being your own boss, choosing your own limitless salary and answering to no one. You will never know anything other than living off scraps, in debt, working everyday in between paychecks. woman-beach-vacationWishing and dreaming are mistaken, they are action words that will lead to anything you want only if you want it enough.

I couldn’t let other people who were happy with never making enough money, concerned with costs, with no car, no home, no goals, no interests drag me down back to their level. I didn’t need to explain myself to people with that deer in the headlight look. I was in a good space with tons of resources and opportunity at my finger tips. My desire was more than enough and yours can too!


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