Tracey Johnson- A mompreneur, writer and teacher

It’s my woman crush Wednesday early lol!

We so often look beyond the closest people around us for inspiration and our sheroes. We search and wait for someone else to save us, bring out the best in us and to show us support, typically in the form of love. We are taught that, that is what a mate will do, though we are all trying to find ourselves too, ever evolving and growing. Yet in reality a mother is our first sight of heaven and reflection of God on earth. She is the embodiment of compassionate, infinite love, nurturing, peace, familiarity and warmth. Before I ever fell in love, my mother showed me the most important love. Before I had friends, she showed me the importance of friendship within our own family. She was always so uplifting and encouraging. We are guilty in growing up only knowing “mom”, not the women who have sacrificed many minutes, hours, days, months, seasons and years of their lives to see others around them prosper. We do not know them as the friends, dreamers, adventurers and successful women that they are.

IMG_0182Tracey Adele Johnson is a college graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a Bachelors degree in childhood rehabilitation and a minors in early childhood special education; she is also my mother. She persevered and graduated in her second trimester of pregnancy, with me. I often think about the struggles of student life and pregnancy, how it takes such a strong woman to stay determined and focused enough to juggle both. I can only imagine, heart burn and nausea on top of midterms. Or long nights of studying when all you want to do is sleep.  At 22 most women would want to be diving into their career field instead, Tracey raised a growing family. When I became school aged but struggled in the public school system, my mother made another sacrifice and home-schooled me. Yet, her love of helping and people wouldn’t go to waste.  Her book smarts would carry her to her destiny of touching lives, as well mine, in many other ways than just working within a career later in her life.

I never personally knew the go-go loving, mompreneur and writer in between keeping our home. I never knew how she ran a professional custom drapery business and pulled together a full print newsletter, filled with food for the soul for other women. She was more than just a committed wife and mother; this woman was a salsa dancing, life of the party, fun filled spirit just like her dad, just waiting for her moment, patiently. As my siblings and I grew older and life went on with its many ups and downs, it was time to care for the care giver. It was time for my mother to get her spark back that had been dormant under the cloak of responsibilities. Though she wore it with grace and beauty, it was time for her to have her rightful crown. So she IMG_0183started on her journey, her passions reignited, with baby steps. She found a position with an adult education center, where she would continue to do all the things she was good at and more. Everyday she mentored other women in her community to empower them through education and independence.  She went on to taking a business course which opened doors to other business opportunities. My mother is now in the process of investing in real estate and starting the online version of her newsletter back up, as well as creating safe, affordable housing for disabled adults as an alternative to nursing homes. There is nothing this woman can’t do and I am excited to support and share her progress every step of the way!


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