Natural Food for thought = a business idea

“Where we are, there is a need.”

– Me

Seems to me cooking and being a women come hand in hand, of course every now and then you’ll find a gem of a man who can cook too and bring you breakfast in bed lol. However whether your like me and enjoy good food, but hate to cook or you’re a chef in the kitchen, we still all gotta eat lol. I know the joy that comes from gathered hearts around my dinner table. I love shared recipes from generation to generation and “signature” dishes. I also love eating out and ordering in. Our culture is wrapped tightly within Jacket (2)_35flavorful food, rich spices, heavy fats and lots of sugar!  Yet, I had to become conscious to many things and one was how my diet was effecting my health and productivity. When I decided to try being a pesco-vegetarian I noticed two things. First, my menu and restaurant options became veeeeerrry limited, so much so it was depressing. I quickly became tired of  just salad, pasta, fish and shrimp (that’s just me). The flip side was that I did find many other sistas that had changed their diets and lifestyles too. It was encouraging.

Many are realizing what we eat affects and causes many ailments we used think as “normal” in our babies. We are realizing the convenience and cheap prices of processed and fast food, cost us in other ways. We are realizing wellness and energy and even clear skin and healthy hair all steam from what comes out of the kitchen. We are slowly turning away from the heavy, grease filled “soul food” and going vegetarian and vegan. We are replacing left over cooking oil with olive oil and throwing chitlins in the back of the freezer in the trash.


Khepra’s is located in Washington DC! I love his mission and was thrilled to meet him at the 2015 broccoli fest!

Other people have dismantled the myths of natural and healthy food from being perceived as anything less than delicious and filling. With this lifestyle change, there is business potential and a community outreach. If you wanted to tap into the restaurant industry it could open new markets for local farmers and your neighbors who have backyard gardens.  The market could also benefit other women who enjoy cooking and give food away to friends and family anyway. People could sell their goods and anything from bake goods, preservatives, Vegan-rmx-photo-for-webshop-e1422316584257mixes, seasonings, fresh produce etc. You could also offer classes for families making the transition and invite top chefs  or doctors to talk about food health impact. Weekends could be full of live music and local talent, these are just a few ideas. So now your more than just a restaurant your a destination and event hub. There is never too many restaurants, people always need options! No need to worry about competing with a Panera Bread and Mcdonalds. When you create a business space with a purpose that provides amazing customer services and a unique impact in lives, you can only succeed!

Know a restaurant that is all over these ideas and independently owned? Or are you starting your own business?? Please share, I would love to know where! Comment Below!


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