Nikeyla Designs, A queen killing graphic art

Through frustrations, ups and downs and a lot of long nights pouring over minor details and revision options, my logo is here! Honestly though, it was so HARD deciding on the face of my company, my baby and image FOR LIFE! I already know I am an over thinker and very indecisive, but thanks to Nikeyla designs, I had too many great options to choose from. Check out her wonderful website and previous work below!


“Listen with your eyes.”

MY ROUGH START So I stayed true to my mission and immediately started looking for a female graphic designer (no offense to my kings out there ; ) But as with anything in life it wasn’t as smooth sailing as I had planned. My first choice in a graphic designer sent over 6 options with a couple of revisions and had promised more, then just stopped working after I paid her. I tried to wait it out but a few days turned into a week. With no explanation or anything, I just left that up to karma and I continued my search for a sista who was a graphic design expert. I didn’t let that stop me and settle for something like

FINDING NIKEYLA DESIGNS I was first impressed by Nikeyla’s prompt reply to my email within the same day. By that evening we were having a thorough phone consultation about my businesses’ background and future, my expectations and what I envisioned. She was so professional and on it! Afterwards I sent her tentative ideas and colors and then she replied via email with a recap from our convo from her notes, contract, PayPal request and and overview of what she could provide me with her service. I decided things were going so well that I was going to treat this whole process, now my second time around, like a blind date. I was opening up to a stranger to “see where it goes”. Those thoughts started creeping in like, will she call back tomorrow, next week? You never know. I had expressed to Nikeyla that I had set a deadline for myself and was already behind because of my last situation which resulted in wasted time and money. She was understanding, but I felt like within reassuring she also set a realistic time frame not only me but for herself and I respected that. We set a generous 2 week goal and I had my logo in 5 days. 

What did she do differently? Here are my top 5 favorite things her service offered, that made me love working with her.

  • Be Real We all know life happens, we all juggle other obligations and things can just pop up but
    Be real with your claims, offers, promises and time frames.
    Trust me the right customers will understand and respect you for it.
  • Be Open Every client no matter what industry isn’t going to be 100% easy  but being open to others people’s views, expectations questions and concerns can either help you or harm you. With an open mind you choose how you receive the lesson in the moment.
  • Be Trustworthy When your trust worthy the word gets out that your business, brand and service never disappoints. Customers will come back and here again they’ll have no problem referring you to others, because they trust your work and word.
  • Be thankful When you realize and acknowledge your business and company wouldn’t be anything WITHOUT your customers it shows. Saying thank you for even the opportunity to provide a service is key and goes a long way.
    People don’t forget kindness and our likely to refer more clients.
  • Be a good listener When you listen to your clientele’s needs, you avoid all the trouble shooting. It is the key to providing the best service because people will always be HAPPY to share. All you have to do is shut up. Telling people what you think they want is a HUGE turn off and it’ll be waste of your time.

These factors can help in any industry or line of work. So try them out and watch reviews improve, word of mouth references spread and more business come your way because of it!

And here she is, my logo, finally!

The Teltoobaya Co. Logo JPG

Go check out her work and hire her for your next project!


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