Part ii. Perfectionism vs Productivity: How to Stop

fontcandy (1)How can we overcome the endless search of perfectionism as entrepreneurs? Even when we think it will serve as motivation to push us to be better than the next. To strive for the best and excel. I get that with this lifestyle YOU are your own boss, the blue print. If you don’t do it, no one else will.  You’ve seen how other people just do any ol’ kind of thing and call themselves business people too. Your far above that and I knoooow we have been ingrained with the fact that we as black people,women, always have to work twice as hard to prove ourselves to get ahead and be somebody. I get that 110%  BUT with all that life has to offer, all it’s gifts, potential and freedom within entrepreneurship, you’ll never be free with that looming over you and seeking perfectionism. My YouTube video,Perfectionism vs Productivity, touched on it’s effects, but here are 9 collected tips on how to STOP the endless search and be truly free.

ASK. yourself is what I am feeling real or is it self made pressure and false expectations of true success?

PAUSE. be thankful for the moment of realization, the now and progress made.

CELEBRATE. every goal met, success, accomplishment and milestone, big and small. Reward yourself somehow, whatever makes you happy. Go out with friends make a toast to passion or purpose something! You get the idea!

SET. boundaries on how far you will go to make something “juuuuust” right. Those time frames, deadlines and rules will keep you from over analyzing and ultimately getting nothing done. Complete a task and then let it go. On to the next! No going back.

SEE. the BIG picture. Make a vision board or write it down somewhere you can see it everyday so you don’t get lost along the way.

BE. kind to yourself! Patient, understanding and listen to the positive inner voice. Treat yourself like you’d want a man to treat you when your feeling down! Love yourself, take care of yourself first so your body and clear mind can take care of you in return.

TAKE. a chill day. Rest. Be easy. I get hustling gets things done, but even mother nature and all her mysterious rest. Never failing to continue in a new day and evolve over time. Go with the flow the natural rhythm of life and karma, good intentions and on and on. The same laws apply in business!

PRACTICE. it takes about 21 days (if not more, depending on the person and consistency) for something to become ritual, habit. So this is not an over night thing. True HEALING takes time. Think of perfectionism like broken bones, The very bones of your business, the core, foundation…yes, that’s some real healing. So don’t start overthinking that either lol

 REMEMBER. perfectionism true effects and know nothing great was created overnight. After you peel back the glittering gold only waits:

  • self doubt
  • second guessing
  • low self esteem
  • procrastination
  • low productivity
  • stress then that = physical side effects, depression etc…
  • overthinking
  • unhappiness

Hope this helps, lets heal together!

Aaaaand in case you missed part i., CHECK IT OUT HERE : ) Perfectionism vs Productivity: The VideoFullSizeRender (3)


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