No more Target?


After I saw a blackout flyer by the national blackout group,I started thinking about the struggle of buying black and what made it so hard. For me, one issue was knowing what was out there, second was convenience. I didn’t know where to start if  I was going to stop shopping at target. How was I really going to make it, when I needed something NOW? I knew I would be able to find art, music, clothes, hair, beauty, hygiene products and jewelry made by us, but what about the other essentials I needed for everyday life and my family? Toddler shoes and underwear, household items like furniture, toilet paper, cleaning product and oh my god, dog food,the dog gotta eat too ; ). Who black makes dog food? These were the thoughts that started running through my mind in this little sarcastic voice like “good luck with that.” I only knew of one African owned grocery store near me, but they still carried name brand products. Theeeeen the doubt started creeping in. What would I look like hand washing clothes in the tub with just water and air drying them from my balcony, all for the cause. Money in a black bank though! Making a difference in the world lol.

I think that’s why so many people fall off the band wagon. It is easy to march, protest and talk about what’s wrong. A Target store is never far, it is always so convenient.You think, “this is the last time I’m going to run in here and pick up a few things and I’ll buy black tomorrow. What’s a couple of dollars?”

I heard Dr. Mirimba Ani say something along the lines of, “Slavery is easy.”

1 hour later your shopping cart is full!FullSizeRender (5) That’s what I would do, I realize I am still veeeeeery comfortable, I’m an impulse shopper and I love to shop. but I want to start buckling down and buying smarter. I like being able to have my items right then and there, but until the day I could shop at my own collaborative department store, online it was.

Luckily, there is a growing number of directories and online markets that offer products in every category and offer vendor and spotlight opportunities.

To make buying black easier you could try theses tips:

  • Buy in bulk. That way you don’t run out of necessities as fast and you eliminate the need to impulse shop.
  • Plan ahead. When you need to order online keep in mind items may be sold out, on back order and take time to ship.
  • Make a list. Keep that shopping list you would’ve used for the store and sit down to that computer and get to clicking!
  • Budget. Make wiggle room for shipping costs and also keep in mind independent businesses sometimes have higher prices because of what it cost them in time, materials, labor, production and packaging. Be opened minded, but don’t feel bad if you need to shop around for something more affordable.  

So there you have it, 4 tips on how to buy black! I’ll be sharing my finds and reviews as I shop away, so stay tuned! THANKS SO MUCH for reading! Peace and love!


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