black upstart

The Black Upstart Site The Black UpStart Bootcamp is a 6-day program that trains aspiring, African-American entrepreneurs. Their Goal: Business ownership. 

  • BUILD BLACK: Build a minimum viable product
  • TEST BLACK:  Test the product with customers
  • LEARN BLACK:  Learn how to start a successful and profitable business

 I stumbled upon the black upstart on Facebook as an event,  curious, I visited the website. Next thing I knew I was applying for the opportunity. Surrounding myself with empowered, knowledgeable business owners would not only grow my business but inspire me as well! This is how the universe brings you into the right circles because a few months back I went to a women’s get together at Calabash Tea in DC. It was a black, women owned, all natural tea bar. The space was so beautifully decorated and the energy was so inviting. The owner, who I didn’t know at the time, Sunyatta was warm and friendly. I never forgot her face but when I later noticed the owner of Calabash Teat on the course agenda, I knew that was a positive sign!

The 6 days flew by and I gained much needed objective feedback about the many different branches of my business idea. I also learned more from a more targeted perspective with the black community in mind.

If your in the DMV area and have a business idea, check them out and sign up! It is well worth the investment and you’ll come away new knowledge, a game plan and a new extended family too.



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