What Multi-level Marketing Taught Me About Myself and Business

I’ve seen MLM take many different forms from up and coming trail blazing companies like Nerium and Wake Up Now, to the older, more well known companies like Mary Kay. Once skeptical, I took the plunge and joined one that really got me excited last year. I even traveled to California for a conference. I invested myself, my time and money into a business and FullSizeRender (1)dream. Yet, with all that investing the business was one that still belonged to someone else. Not knocking it, I met new people, I had a wonderful, supportive mentor and saw the company do great things. Even though I never stayed in long enough to qualify for my residual income and free car, I did learn a hell of a lot about myself and basic business. I discovered my own drive and passion in entrepreneurship and discovered the “doctrine” within each individual company wasn’t that secret or unique. It was all public information, practices and advice tried and true used all over the world. So I took the same effort and information and took off doing my own thing! Here is the break down of 13 lessons learned thanks to MLM!

Before you dive into this list think, do you love your idea or the industry? You’ve got to love what your doing and be committed because no matter how much money you could make, you won’t succeed at all if you have to force yourself to get at it!

  • Gotta have a plan, road map, destination or end goal, call it what you want
  • Keep those vision boards handy, full of your dreams, positive things you love and where you want to be
  • Daily, weekly and monthly goals, small actions, the little things eventually add up you’ll get things done and see progress
  •  Know why your doing what your doing, what’s your purpose?
  • ask your yourself how are you servicing people, helping and giving back?
  • Network: It’s all in who you know, connecting and favor is everything. So meet new people in your industry!
  • A No isn’t the end. Closed doors opens up to more opportunity and what doesn’t kill you only makes you more resilient and and determined.
  • Throw a party: get the word out there, promote, use social media and creative events to showcase your business.
  • Keep going even when there are slow moments or little progress, that’s just life.
  • It takes a village! Eventually,you’ll need a solid team and partners for support, feedback and to balance it all!
  • Surround yourself with like minded people to stay in the know, bounce ideas off of each and to be encouraged, but don’t go so far as to turn into a weird clique and forget about friends and family lol)
  • Study and learn something new everyday about your industry, niche and other entrepreneurs you look up to.
  • HAVE FUN with it!

I realized with a little focus I knew I could crush it with these tips in my own business. So I started and once I got the momentum going it was a game changer. Which one of these do you implement with your business? I’d love to know! Comment below!


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