Writer’s life theeeeen reality

IMG_1998I found myself envying those tumblr pictures of a laptop, open journal, with a steaming hot cup of coffee at a welcoming desk or on a cozy bed. Just waiting for the writer to share a glimpse of a magical thought. Hearing tale of far away writers retreats made me sick lol those writers probably had whole weekends to just write and create, *sigh. I’m lucky to be able to read or write on a plane or in the car.

I was now no longer proud of my little on average 400 word posts that I managed to miraculously produce every couple of weeks between making dinner, distractions, a demanding 3 yr old toddler and feeling intermittently overwhelmed. Writing had to be my current dedication, but my writing life was far IMG_2329from glamorous, I hadn’t even published my first work of poetry yet. 2016 would be my new leaf, I had been cheating on myself for years with other things in life, other people and distractions. No more excuses…my work, my blog, my business and poetry could not wait anymore. I had to remind myself that the time commitment to myself did not make me any less a mother, average cook and homemaker. I had to let that guilt go. I also had to stop the constant comparing my current situation to tumblr and Instagram, that was also for the birds. Everything that looks glamorous on the world wide web isnt all that simple, lol.

I said to myself, “I am able and I am grateful.” My reward and return on my time and effort would be this feeling, a warm glow, when I slip into bed just when the sun would peak over the horizon. When I had written all night through the night and my work was done and knowing someone out there had read my work and could relate, a mother, a dreamer, a creator.

“The Secret is consistency, write everyday and put something up there. ”

Said Natasha Eubanks Founder, http://www.theybf.com, who was also started out as a blogger, when I asked her on advice on blogging. I hope you too create (dont try, do it)  the balance and the time you need for yourself, passion and life.


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