Update: Surprise I’m…

Hey! Well I have missed my humble little blog and my YouTube channel, but life is never truly planned. Let me catch you up on since my last post in Dec. when life was on “schedule”, sort of speak. I had big ideas, the new 2016 year was right around the corner and I had planned to start interviews with women who inspired me from my local community, I was going to host my first event in the northern VA area, a mom friendly networking and business showcase aaaaand begin a co-working group. Did I mention I was also going to disappear to the west coast of the motherland on a self discovery journey, alone. Something I had never done before.

I was getting ready to celebrate the new year, by looking for a party dress late Dec.  I was late and my breast hurt, so on a whim I decided to take the a test from the dollar on the run, and I was pregnant! You can imagine how my new years partying ended up lol A very sober night, tiptoeing thru a rowdy, packed club in DC. I was afraid of being bumped or falling in the dark and miscarrying or something crazy. Anyways! 3 months of blissful 24/7 morning sickness followed along with weight loss, dehydration, a cold and what seemed like everything else under the sun, I even had to go to the hospital. I lived in my bed and of course all of my lofty endeavors fell by the way side. My fiancé and I were so happy to be pregnant, but this little one’s timing was just like ok, readjust, readjust, ok, no never mind just cancel everything and focus on my health lol.

So here I am in my 2nd trimester feeling like a brand new person just wanting to go go go!! I cant wait to share with you my many new lessons and inspiriations and even my change in direction as far as my blog, youtube and business ideas are concerned. Grow with me, its ok to be a work in progress, timing is everything, ever changing, going with the flow, just like the late bloom. Peace


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