The inner wombman

They say heal the womb, heal the earth…
Wild, brazen, adventurous, true, sexual, creative, self confident, organic and magical women. A rare breed, lost art.

I read a fb post that stated how there was a disconnect between masculine and feminine and their effectiveness to communicate fully with us within sex magic and verbal spells. It would seem a little out there, but when I started thinking about it, it wasn’t. Who is at fault? Was there really a shortage of conscious, hard working black men raised to know how to do everything, all the time for a queen. how to revere her and her temple.  Or is there a lack of conscious women who are self secured and bold enough to love themselves first and set boundaries with men. If we were everything for ourselves, intune and happy alone first, then maybe there would be no gaps? no neediness and weakening dependency.  Does it start with boundaries? me time? healing your womb literally, physically and emotionally? starting a new hobby, new interests, reflecting? clearing up old habits? how do go about setting that inner womb-man free?

As of today I can start right where I am, I just want to have confidence within the many layers of a relationship and seasons in my life and still remain to know myself and heal myself.




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