Up & at ’em


I have had a many of ideas and thoughts that kept me up at night or woke me up in the morning, but I wouldn’t budge out my bed to act. I don’t consider myself lazy,I’ve always worked hard and been reliable, but when it came to myself and my own dreams there was something still missing, after over a year of business classes and learning about entrepreneurship.

They say between 4 am and 6am, is that special time when all kinds of amazing things happen. No matter your personal beliefs or background, so many diverse people have shared the secrects of their success to rising early everyone from spiritual experts, wealthy entrepreneurs or fitness gurus to accomplished writers…even ancient cultures acknowledged the power of the morning time and the sun. akhnatonbabies

Whatever works for you, it is an exciting thing when the morning isn’t a time of dread but opportunity, productivity, clarity and peacefulness. I was having a moment like that, it was like I was half dreaming and planning when I just sat up, started some tea and sat down to my computer 😊 I couldn’t believe the time.  It was then that I realized it was my ancestors answering me, saying

This is it what you need to be focusing right here, in this moment of time. ”

I know and truly believe this because I had asked what was it I needed to work on first to get where I wanted to be. At the time it was such a daunting and overwhelming question, but I left it at that. Being pregnant,a busy mom and homemaker, I was feeling unproductive and stuck mentally with my own endeavors, blogging and writing. So I put my questions out into the universe and waited.

My inspiration in this moment is this: Where ever you are in life is where you are meant to be, but when it is time to wake up, it won’t be hard. Every morning doesn’t have to be dedicated to being busy or strictly productive. You have to find what works for, not forgetting to rest and find a balance. I have always loved the idea of taking some days in the morning time to reflect, meditate, pray, journal, pamper myself or get into nature first. I have read all these things work. It all depends on the person but it’s just that initial getting up and at ’em that you have to embrace and appreciate.

Good Morning!


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