What is a wife?

Ido-doWhat is a wife? Is it a destination? is it a status?  Is it a goal or an identity? is it an accomplishment?  what does it look like? What does it say? Who taught us how to be wives? Where do our standards originate from? who makes the rules? Why do we seek it so? How did you know that’s what you want truly wanted? or if your not a wife, that is something strange indeed? why is it linked to who were meant to be?

Describing ourselves first as the wife of…engaged or sadly never married. Where does this come? why do we do it? why are we taught to strive to be a wife? what is its future? what does being a wife really do? What does it mean?

I ask because I do not know… I am not ashamed of my open hearted questions, because I know when I inquire and search, I can find the answers, but I can not be afraid to ask first.

This wife, is she light hearted and open, loved and revered? Being one within herself and complimented by nothing but positivity? Is it freeing, liberating, enhancing, uplifting, the definition of happiness, peaceful, is it you? is it us?  is it real? is it something you can touch? does it stand time as I understand it, can I see it? is it anything we see from the inside out? is it a goddess state?  a mind set? is it more than a thought? a notion? is it moreand_they_lived_happily_ever_after_2__1 than an idea some pretend is real? is it independent, is it respectful, is it self loving, self caring, is it patience, is it creation, exhilarating, is it healthy, is it safe? does a wife shift and grow? does a wife speak? does she still have a spirit and mind? does she move, dance, leap, fly, dive, twirl?  is it a world within a universe? is it everything friendship should be and more. is it honest and authentic, organic? Can you be all of you? is that why so many women and girls go?


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