Natural, handmade products Needed! 

Business relaunch COMING SOON!Looking for luxury products to review on my blog and YouTube and that are available for wholesale purchase!

If you are a:

•black owned business

•women owned business

•independent brand

•have created all natural handmade products

Please comment below sharing your web link!

I’m interested in the following products :

nipple cream

healing salves

belly rub (stretch mark cream)

yoni powder

herbal baths and soaks

soothing sprays

natural wipes

baby wash/shampoo

baby lotions

rash cream

baby oil

baby powder

night time lotion

Peace and love and Thank you in advance!


2 thoughts on “Natural, handmade products Needed! 

  1. Happy Naturalista says:

    Good Morning, Congratulations on your bundle of joy. ;-) I am interested in participating in your product reviews. My name is Lisa-Kaye Price and my Company is Happy Naturalista, LLC. My storefront is online@ . I would be able to provide my Nourishing Body Whip, which would serve extremely well as a Stretch Mark Cream, Nipper Cream and as well as for a Baby Cream. It overall healing and soothing properties allows for a multitude of uses. I recall that you made a purchase in the past, but this was a good while ago now. I also meant to mention my HerbOils Nirvana Body Oil would also be phenomenal for both you and Baby. If you have any more details about what you are looking for with this please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. :-)

    • Ashley Laine says:

      Thank you for reaching out! Yes I do remember your products! I will Email you so we can talk more in depth!

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