Self care 

I started our bedtime routine at 8pm for my 3yr old daughter. An evening walk to tire her out, a bath and story…of course she never wants to go to bed. I felt almost guilty in a way since I usually would let her hang until well after 9, dragging bedtime out. Every night I wouldn’t sit down until 11 for some me time. By then I would be exhausted, but tonight I put my foot down and set the boundary.

The house was actually quiet after no time at all. She was sound asleep before 9:30😊 I lit my candles, grabbed a few books I had been wanting to get back to. I ran my warm water in the tub and added a lemon scented bath bomb. I soaked and soaked and soaked until one of my candles burned out. My muscles eased. Body relaxed, my mind wandered. I was inspired to write this post.  I was giving myself permission to rest and slow down. It felt good and was much needed.

How do you slip away from the day, the kids, work, chores, the phone and take time to self care guilt free?


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