First trimester survival gift set

My re-launch inspiration: I was ecstatic when I got the news that I was going to be an auntie for the first time to my best friend, Shaina. It was a whole new feeling, like another extension of motherhood!

Shaina was still in her first trimester and worked full time and was beginning to have morning sickness. I felt so bad for her and wanted to help somehow, because I had no idea what it felt like to have to work through such a delicate time. I did some research on morning sickness relief to fwd. to her so that should pick out what worked for her. Then I started thinking, sending her article after article and lists wasn’t going to help! After a long day at work on top of feeling sick she was probably not going to feel up to them going to the store. So I put together a gift basket full of goodies like herbal tea and crystallized ginger chews, to help get her through the day. I enjoyed putting it together so much so I wish someone had given me one!

I then began to think what if I could collect my favorite independent,natural products that I loved amd used myself and created more gift sets for moms at every stage of motherhood?!

So my product line was born! In addition to my new found passion for sewing! I have been hard at work creating not only the reviews of products I use personally and making luxury gift boxes I have also been whipping up some products of my own!

Whether your a momma to be or needing postpartum care my sets will sure to make you feel pampered and support you on the journey of daily self care!

Stay tuned as I keep you updated on my online store coming soon!



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