The Accountability Club

holdinghandsI came up with the idea to start an accountability group with a small group of women who were also trying to balance productivity, work and life. I kept hearing that having an accountability partner was so beneficial in helping you stay on track. Several ladies suggested group me as a good starting point. So I set it up and waited. As the ladies started to slowly join, I began to enjoy sharing my weekly goals, tips and giving feedback. We all had very different businesses and some of us had kids and full time jobs, it felt like a mini sisterhood, with our entrepreneurial endeavors as the common thread. Though some of the ladies didn’t personally know each other, it was a safe circle to share. My hope is  that we continue to encourage and push each other to utilize everyday.

I have already found so many benefits from accountability and wanted to share:

  1. Boosts your action. Being able to share “I started”, “I took a leap” always feels good when you have people rooting for you.
  2. It has helped me better clarify my vision, plans and goals. The practicing with time makes it easier and easier.
  3. it has helped me be more responsible in sticking to my weekly, blocking schedule
  4. it has helped me set more realistic goals
  5. I will be able to see my progress and looking back
  6. The encouragement you gain is invaluable
  7. I have loved the feedback i have been able to not only give but recieve

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