The Super Woman dilemma

I am slowly understanding how important support is within being a mother and trying to have a successful, happy business. Without systems and people to help execute, you find yourself feeling frazzled, pulled in a million different directions, with nothing done. I remember never opening my mouth to ask for support, especially on the weekends, a time I wanted to be enjoying. I would see dishes in my sink, the baby would need a bath and it would be almost bed time  and dinner would still need to be put away.  When I finally asked for help from a certain someone, who had no idea I never needed help (most men aren’t mind readers lol), it was gladly given.

So it is with the ambitious mother, who might still work her day job trying to create her dream business in her spare time. Even as a stay at home mom, expecting my second sometimes i don’t know where the time goes. I  waste time trying to decide where to start, what should my priority and how to “learn it all” so I can” do it all”. Instead I end up with a pile of to do Lists and post it notes stuck all over the wall.

As we all would love to expand with our ideas and ambitions, we have to start first with ourselves. It is essential and a part of self care that extends into other areas of our lives. It can either be a negative or positive impact. We will always need a circle, team, village, tribe, a connection of other women who can compliment us and help. There is never a right or wrong time. We have got to let go of limiting thoughts holding us back from justifying not needing help. It doesn’t mean we are weak, incapable, lazy or “too good to do our own work”. We’ve got to value our talents and strengths and then fill in the blanks whether its with social media, financial advise, website management, child care, meals, house cleaning, personal assistant services or professional organizer. Where ever your falling short and feeling overwhelmed hire that support from another professional sister who makes it her business to succeed in that area. That is her niche. It becomes a win win!



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