Sweet tooth and pregnancy cravings

God knows as I count down my pregnancy my cravings have spiked and it isn’t your typical greasy burger in the middle of the night! I want all things sweet! I can never seem to figure out how to make smaller batches of desserts, with my daughter and I being the only two in the house who likes sweets that much. I don’t love to bake as much as she does, I just love to eat our creations, but I hate the thought of wasting what we don’t eat. Anyway,  too bad both these amazing businesses aren’t closer to me because they would always get my orders!

couturecakes-216x300Chic Couture Cakes is based in MD. Her amazing talents brings such upscale look to her desserts. with her style and beauty she effortlessly makes baking look fun and sexy!

website : Chic Couture Cakes IG

Apparently I’m not the only one craving her creations. She stays pretty booked and business seems to be going well for her. If your in the MD area your lucky to have her!



Another amazing brand is Two dough girls based in ATL. What I love about them is theirf5406278c304cf9b1366f14fdac294d0 unique flavors and natural ingredients. The name is even cute! And its a family affair! The two sisters took their passion and turned it into a unique pop up bakery. Though I couldn’t get my order in this past visit in GA, next time, I’m going to make it priority so my baked goods will be fresh out their oven when I get off my plane! lol

website: Two dough girls

check them out and show love and buy!


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