Reality of Balancing it all

I think there has got to be a balance between finding encouragement and inspiration from other moms and business women, who share how they maintain it all and comparing ourselves. Sometimes I think it can also look almost too perfect and leave you feeling like your routine and lifestyle isn’t good enough. Not in a bad or jealous way, but you feel more challenged.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We shouldn’t even try to do it all. I think it’s ok to be transparent.  We’ve all seen them, the moms with time to maintain a ton of gorgeous natural hair, cook and clean, run their businesses or create  content, maybe even still work a day job. They do their make up flawless, keep their homes, spend time with their husbands and document it all. I know I try time blocking, putting Autumn down for naps and waking up early to have more me time and time to work on my business ideas, but it isn’t it without a huge effort. I used to get up like “Ok, morning routine to do list, #1.” Which made it more like a chore than an self care experience. Trying to make my mornings perfect was more stress. Now I am allowing myself to go with the flow as well and get into the habit of new methods and systems. Some days Autumn’s hair is neatly braided, the kitchen cleaned, dinner done early, laundry put away, but I haven’t blogged or even pulled myself together. Other days I can squeeze in a morning mediation, make my bed and still have time to do my makeup but i have no idea whats the plan for my day lol. Other days I am rippin and runnin all day and not even home…

oh well, I still strive to live a more happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, while spending time with autumn and juggling everything else. Its a day by day journey. Be encouraged :)31 (2)



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