Trusting my labor and body 

I have been missing blogging daily here and there, my mind has been focused on trusting this process of birth, naturally in my last month. I don’t believe we live in a society where this time is respected or revered as much as it should. There are minds that think I should have no right to choose or decline what they consider “care”. They are people who believe this is a condition, that women’s bodies aren’t capable. They are men who view pregnancy as this foreign experience. in all its beauty it is sometimes not so glamorous. They are doctors who have no time, no patience, no understanding or real sense of what is taking place. Feeling tearful, stressed, pressured and afraid are the last things I need.

The only one who can truly know is a mother and her baby, going through this together. I have been shifting and expanding in unrecognizable ways. I am finding a stronger, bolder voice. I am wiser, I am more confident in my understanding. I am secure in my right of choice. Birth is no different from any other function of life, going to the bathroom, feeling hungry, needing rest. By tuning in, living well, living whole, caring for self, taking time, honoring you, listening to your body, connecting to nature, eating clean, balancing your life, birth comes easily. Trusting that is everything. MY affirmation to myself:
I AM supported, safe, well, healthy and able. I love this place where I have arrived thanks to both of my daughters.

I can’t wait to meet my new baby, with or without their definition of help, because she is coming regardless and as everyone knows, babies know when they are ready to be born. She clearly was meant to be here, a whole new little person, to impact the world in some special way, as do we all.


The Lotus flower representing rebirth


4 thoughts on “Trusting my labor and body 

    • Ashley Laine says:

      I need all the well wishes! Thank you! I am claiming I will be able to share a positive birth experience soon :) Do you have little ones?

      • FashionBriefs says:

        Amen! …Yes, I have one. He’s 6! I don’t know your situation but I went through my whole pregnancy single. The dad was absent so I fully get the anxieties/fear of the unknown, etc that comes with nearing delivery for the first time. …It will be alright, and trust me–it’s so worth it! Children have an impact on our life from birth that is unexplainable. :-) ☺️❤️

        • Ashley Laine says:

          How beautiful that you overcame all of those things as an independent women! I have found that because every pregnancy is sooo different, you can only really be prepared for the inevitable, emotionally. This will be my 2nd. Though I have a great support system, it still takes “me time” and effort to stay positive. But I agree children are so worth it and I love and am thankful to my daughter’s for the experience. :)

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