Medela breast pad…fail 

I had already intended on designing my own line of breast pads with pretty satin skin tones, lace for the overnights and varies shapes for different bras. I was so excited about branching into the product world with something unique. However I would need something way sooner to hold me over while my pads were being made. Sooo I bought this brand. I had my daughter and once home from the hospital my milk flooded in. It seemed like it was almost too much milk and my little one couldn’t drink it all. I put these breast pads on before bed and I didn’t make it through half the night before I was changing my tank top and shirt. Maybe it was because I had slept on my stomach I thought. Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt I kept trying them. My last straw was the first time I ran out and left the baby napping with her dad. I was at the bank at the ATM when I felt my milk flooding in. My tank top was soaked, luckily I had on a cardigan over it and no noticed me. I immediately text her father asking if she was awake and crying. Of course I was right lol needless to say I rushed home to feed her. 

 I guess this brand is for women who are drying up their milk and don’t need more coverage? Or they are just cheaply made and much thought or effort was put into considering breastfeeding mom. At the same time this is also a good thing I guess because these are supposedly washable and reusable and this further validates my product idea. You should be able to have coverage from a wet blouse for at least half the day before needing to switch them out. I want to be able to wear silk, chiffon, my nice blouses without feeling insecure. I love the benefits of breast feeding and the bonding time, not to mention it saves on baby food too, but I don’t want people to be able to tell a breast feed. Even worse I would hate to be restricted to only wearing a burb cloth, the hubby’s under shirts and sweats. I can’t even imagine how disposable breast pads work…so there you have it my review😀

What brand of breast pads do you wear?


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