What was in my Daffina Hospital Bag

Couple of weeks ago I was counting down to my due date and I realized I needed to pack my FullSizeRender (6)hospital bag . I read cute blog posts and watched YouTubes of what other moms packed, everything from robes, pillows from home and books to read. I hoped I wouldn’t need too much stuff because I hate hospitals and frankly didn’t trust them (that is another story), but I used my duffel bag by Daffina, <- Shop their accessories here! First off I love the print of the bag, and that the handles wrap all the way around.  Believe it or not I didn’t use half the stuff …but this is what I packed all the same.

  1. Baby’s coming home outfit
  2. Fuzy socks – I was burning up during labor and afterwards when I had chills the hospital had warm blankets.
  3. My journal – for some reason I thought I’d have some down time at night to reflect haha, all I did was sleep.
  4. I ordered my “Tigress” whipped body frosting from Skin Fix.  It feels so decadent and luxurious and it doubles as a stretch mark cream. Then I forgot it at home 😫
  5. Tank tops, with a built in bra, leggings, changes of underwear, despite the fact that I didn’t wear clothes again until the day I was discharged. I wore the hospital gown my entire stay. Clothes were the last thing on my mind.
  6. I didn’t use any of my toiletries ( I know gross but I was in the bed for almost a day and a half )

So the glamour of packing and using my bag was out the window, but maybe next time, it was worth the try lol



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