Mommy dissapoinment 

I sat in the couch feeling just so blah yesterday night. The day was supposed to be so fun. I had it all planned out…I was supposed to go this very fancy networking event…and I dropped the ball on this one. I didn’t pump enough milk, kept putting it off, forgetting on and on. BUT I asked a friend for her advice and she suggested I supplement with hemp milk! Great! It was an hour before the event,I rushed through my makeup and settled on my outfit then I drove to the store, but by the time I actually found the milk and a few other odds and ends it was almost 6:30. The event started at 7, ugh…I didn’t want to be that one, fashionably late. The flip side was I wish I could have just brought my kids…but I knew that other professionals probably would have been a liiiiittle distracted by that though…I can’t describe my dissapoinment of missing it. I was still technically postpartum but feeling so ready to dress up a little, get out and meet new people and network. 

This just further fueled me to want to create what I want with both worlds, a mommy/ life balance. I can’t wait to have it all and help other moms do it too! As a young mom I still have ambition and I don’t want to compromise being with my kids to have my passionate career. I want to create a tribe and safe spaces for bad a** mommas who need to do it all, network, talk business and get ish done but turn right around and breast feed and kiss boo boos all at the same time 😊

I first started being able to really get more done with my Doula and now dear friend. We would get together at each other’s houses over lunch and hash out ideas and give each other feedback and it was a really great way to be accountable and utilize a couple hours while the kids played. It was so beneficial and fun! That’s what I imagine helping moms experiencing, productivity within entrepreneurship and motherhood. 

Later today I am hosting my first mommy, entrepreneur meetup and I’m so excited about the future! So I feel a little better looking forward! Pics and updates coming soon 😊


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