My business launch story

img_7913Well looking back on this past Saturday I am still in shock that I only started on my official idea to make simple satin nursing pads in August, while I was pregnant. Then I came up with wanting to create postpartum and baby essential gift sets. The plan was to wholesale my products from fellow entrepreneurs. Easy. In the back of my head I was like omg yes something that I can do NOW and promote. All my other ideas always involved elaborate planning, high upfront costs and attendees (ticket sales), ppl I didn’t even know would come. My mom (and bestfriend lol ) had been encouraging me to do what I could at home. She was right though, I was due September 1st and my wedding was that following October…But even that simple plan was complicated, it would have cost me a fortune with no wiggle room to sell my sets at a reasonable price if I bought from other sellers..then I discovered I couldn’t sew well lol 😅  So started looking for a seamstress and playing in the kitchen with recipes. It took me forever to plan out my nursing pad prototypes and find a dependable partner, but once I did I was relieved. My daughter decided to come August 28th. I took a break to recover from my c-section, but mentally I was eager to hurry up and get back to work. Almost to the point where I over did it sometimes. One day I drove to drop of my sewing project and stopped by my mother in laws house. when i was leaving she went to put the baby care seat in the car and put my bulky stroller in the trunk. I protested and she gently stopped me mid sentence. She reminded me that I was still healing, still open and that I needed to accept help and just be appreciative. I took those words with me. Later on I met a new friend, creator of Latch Time and mom who mentioned a baby expo at the mall, it was nothing but the universe. I rushed and hustled and went shopping almost everyday to get ready leading up to the event. I finalized my product line and was ready to go at 6 weeks postpartum! The morning of the expo I spilled my milk I had pumped to leave for the baby…you can imagine the agony. So I packed her up and brought her with me. I was half nervous, half excited. I didn’t have a back up plan if I needed to leave my table or if the baby got fussy. I would just show up and I did and so did the help. My grandma ended up img_7869coming by and helped with the baby and customers were patient and understanding. Selling my goods gave me a feeling I’ve never had before. Nothing prepares you for feeling proud of your own damn self. Everything was working for me. Other customers offered well wishes, congrats and prosperity. It was a good day. My shirt stayed spit up free and I sold lol

My wedding is in just two weeks and I’m going to wrap up the last of my errands for that and try to squeeze in one more expo before then if they are still excepting vendors. I love getting the exposure and meeting new people. This is what passion, purpose and entrepreneurship feels like. It wasn’t easy. Some days I didn’t get a single thing done at home because my kids needed me. Other days I had no energy to do the first thing and sometimes my house keeping fell behind because I was so into my work. My projects would take over the kitchen or living room. Yet some how when I stepped back and looked at the big picture I was doing something and it was enough. What helped me? Getting help, listening to feedback and taking breaks. Keep going, push through and prosper! As women we can do both, mother and care for our babies and have what we want in life within entrepreneurship, career and purpose. What do you create in your life?



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