Time savers: best kitchen gadgets

I hate to cook, well I should say I’m not a chef in the kitchen, but as a busy mompreneur, I try to get in there and  have fun with it and include my little autumn. I believe it’s so important for family time to unwind at the end of the day, I hate when I have those days where I’m rushing and I just throw something together and eat right before bed. On top of trying to be more health conscious, it sometimes is a challenge to be creative. I can get by, but this dread comes over me the days when I have no idea what to cook. Though I’m not complaining, turning on the oven and stove top is just the struggle. I’d much rather use gadgets, so here is a quick list of some time savers to consider to make cooking dinner easier, keep the kitchen cooler (in the summer time) and also cut down on a sink full of dishes to wash later.

  •  A crockpot can get the job done in a few easy steps and so many different types of one dish meals and desserts. Bonus it can slow cook pretty much anything all day.
  •  Another huge time saver is my rice cooker, this was the ultimate gadget. No matter what type of rice I cook it comes out fluffy and tender every time!
  • A mini toaster oven also comes in handy and can cook just about anything aside from a full size cake lol haven’t found one that is the easiest to clean just yet but I’m working on it ;) I want a new one, my old one would always collect crumbs and grim in the bottom tray do fast. Yuck.
  • Believe it or not my vita-mix blender makes it so easy to make stews, sauces and mixfullsizerender-1 ingredients. It is also comes in handy blending onions and hot peppers, without the tears.
  • Though I gave mine away, a mini table top grill can be handy for searing meats and even veggies. My mom is always raving about her grilled salmon burgers, eggplant steak and shrimp.
  • Last but not least on my list of things to get is a pressure cooker, I hear those things are the ultimate go to when comes to cooking multiple things at once as well keeping the nutrients in the food. Unlike a crockpot, pressure cookers cook the food faster, so even if you start later you can still get dinner on the table guilt and stress free.

Is eating together and making home cooked meals important to you for my family? Do gadgets help you? what are some tricks that help you save time? Id love to know!


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