Goodbye 2016

Ugh, I thought surely after my wedding I would feel like I would have more time, but with my mind going in so many different directions and my cluttered ways encroaching back on me, I felt so distracted. the holidays didn’t help and before I knew it 2016 was gone. Not to make excuses but just saying…anyway there is always room for new growth, new challenges and goals. Despite all my set backs I am still grateful! I brought in the New Year in warm FL for a mini vaca, only to return with both my daughters sick!  that was so not how I envisioned coming back home! It was both emotionally and physically draining having my infant struggling to clear her little air ways and crying at night…I felt helpless and my four year old was clingy and scared for her baby sister…ugh, I had my new 2017 planner, I wanted to write more, create new content and just be in my little corner every nap time and at bed time, but that just wasn’t possible. when your babies need you they need you. Anyway I’m just glad they are both feeling better and I am building their immune system now.

10 days into the new year but I am choosing to gracefully say goodbye to 2016 with thanks, even though I didn’t hit as many goals as I would have liked, that’s ok. This past year still gave me my surprise daughter, Raelle, and lots of insight on the direction my business should go. I cleaned off my sacred space and rearranged my little items. That felt good and Autumn helped. I said thank you for the lessons in this passing year and set new goals and intentions. I even welcome the cold days, maybe it will force me to stay in more with the girls and get more writing and blogging done, lol. I honestly do need to allow myself more time to be creative, I miss making collages and knitting. I  also revisited the Marie Kondo method of tidying for inspiration and I am working through the finance bar to get my finances in order :)

So I’m excited! Good night and give thanks, even still.


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