My daughter asked when she could drink wine. She’s four now…but I’m not going to shroud it in some kind of grown up mystery. She knows you have to be responsible to drink and of course an adult. She has never asked for a taste. We saw a man being arrested once after drinking and driving, I think that made it clear enough in her mind what alcohol can do when your not careful…my husband teased at like 14, she will have had her first sip of wine. I may or may not…ok probably and I slightly look forward to when we can go to posh bars together (when she’s an adult of course) to catch up, gossip, laugh and talk about the interested men in her life.

My point is, I’m trying to not over think this whole gift and journey of motherhood. I’m just helping her find her way. I am getting to know her everyday. I don’t need to scare her to death and take away natural curiosity. I know I have to say no sometimes but we have conversations and sometimes mommy doesn’t know and sometimes I make mistakes and sometimes I apologize…a lot and that’s mom life in our household.


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