Self care challenge: day 1

Today my local library is hosting a writers circle open to anyone who would like to share and receive insight. I haven’t been to a writers group in years and years. Actually I was just a girl when I first experienced reading out loud to strangers.  I had to be no more than 12 years old or so. I remember reading two short poems, one about stars and the other about sunflowers, I don’t know why I wrote them, but looking back Oshun loves sunflowers and so does my mother :)  My experience was exhilarating, the group was warm. So warm that I remember so vividly coming away feeling like I could be an author and everyone would listen to what I had to say. for whatever reason though I never returned…but I would continue writing poetry all through my childhood, through my growing pains, break ups everything. Like so many writing heals and sheds light. I think I’m ready to share a new season of my voice and story. As a self care challenge to myself I want to come away feeling like I not only stepped out my comfort zone but opened up and attempted to connect to new people. I would love honest, in depth feedback and good conversation. It sounds like it will be fun too with writing prompts to encourage the group to explore other genres and styles as well. we will see. Of course I’m nervous but I feel like it will be a good stepping stond before a try an open mic. hahaaaa

So my first self care challenge to myself is recognizing my comfort zone. I be in the house with my girls half the time writing poetry for me eyes only, so sad…

I truly want to express myself more and get out there.  Baby steps of course but in 2017 I want to claim and own the fact that “YES! world! I do write poetry  and I ain’t ashamed to share it. I do want to publish my work of infused reflections, African spirituality, womanhood, motherhood and life…but baby steps.

Thanks for reading.


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