Self Care challenge: day 2

Letting Go: I chickened out and didn’t go to the writer’s circle at my library BUT the next day that Thursday I did go to a networking event for women entrepreneurs at Social Tables hosted by the Pretty {girl} Collective. It was an amazing event even though it seemed like I would never get there. It seemed to take forever to get out the house, fight through traffic, find parking and then waaaaaalk to the right building. Not gonna lie I was flustered and annoyed. Eventually, while creeping down the highway on 95 to get into D.C. I decided to find a guided mediation. It helped me just let go of the things I couldn’t control mentally and the tension. I felt my jaw relax, shoulders drop and mind stop racing.

I met some wonderful women and made new connections as well. I got home to both girls wide awake and dishes in the sink. I remembered that release I had felt earlier in the car…and that weird unexplained frustration I felt trying to creep it’s way into my emotions. I stopped and made a choice and that feeling began to dissipate. I chose gratitude and the rest of that night I really felt a momentum. I got so much done! I didn’t go to bed until 4am but I felt awake lol

That’ll be my next self care challenge lol getting to bed earlier lol




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