The challenge with my self care challenge

Make more time for self care, I wrote in my journal back around the beginning of the year…I wanted to blog about the journey, but that was easier said than done. By day 3, I had forgotten to unplug and remember me. Weekends are always more hectic your husband refuses to try to feed himself like mine you find yourself dreading preparing win_20170123_18_53_10_probreakfast, lunch and dinner; men are bottomless! then you have to clean all that mess… I find myself torn between cooking more or just being lazy and eating out (or ordering in). Only to later feel guilty at just how much money that adds up to. Plus I know its not always the healthiest choice. I want so desperately to be a super mom, to not let everyday stuff just swallow up aaaall of my time, I want to be present and feel connected to my children and thankful for the fact that I can take care of them and stay with them 24/7. I just wish there were more hours in a day or more me to go around or something lol Oh well, there is always tomorrow.


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