My fav.(January) things

I wanted to share the things I’m using that I love and I’m into right now for the month of January. I hope you  enjoy and check them out for yourself!

Reads: The  Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  So this amazingly simple book made sure it made it’s way to me! * thanks to the universe. The quick story, spring of last year Maire captureKondo’s method was suggested by YouTube as a similar topic because I was looking into minimalism tips. Then months later my mother in law said she was reading it and loved it. Theeeeen I was randomly walking through the library aisle looking for something totally different and there she was…This book will clear more than just your sacred space, but your time, mind, mood and energy! It transformed my tiny office to were now I always  want to be in here. This book never gets old and I feel like there’s no such thing as going through it too slow or just once. Books can be $ so try a 2nd and Charles, your local library or even YouTube the method for an overview. I renewed my copy, then if you love it and feel it could work for you buy it off amazon or somewhere like that pre-owned :)

webinar-imagesResources: A year ago ( I cant believe I’ve been blogging that long…) I shared the finance bar as a resource to get yo’ money right! It’s a beautiful blog and members club! I finally signed up a month ago, but just recently started keeping up. This months exercises are life, especially for new years goals and I’m even more glad I signed up! Taking that extra step to work with more accountability and a finance expert is so worth the investment! I love even more that she’s a black women helping other women hit their goals and take care of their future and current mind set about money. I know as a mom it’s so easy to start bad habits, overing buying for the kids or the household, letting your husband or partner handle the finances etc, because your so busy with them home… but with a program like this, it helps you put YOU back in control with your money and goals.

Beauty: Skin fix remains my all time favorite for body butters in various scents! I’m running low and its time to restock for January! See my YouTube review here. Everyone skin fix.PNGknows this cold air doesn’t help skin but Yetunde’s vegan whipped butters are not only moisturizing but lite. I love the feel and texture so much so I use it on my face too. She has her own website but her line can also be found on!



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