February {my time for self love}

It’s one of my favorite months because Valentine’s day is in the air ( and my little sissys lovebday lol) but what better way than to celebrate Self love and self care?! there will be NO shortage of gifts in all the stores, especially target lol but I wanted to share some budget friendly DIYs to inspire self care for the everyday mom. I’m even going to do a few with my daughter, since she is at that age where she is a sponge lol

Even if you gotta man or partner and that person is the sweetest most romantic ever, I still think self care should be in your own hands and you always maintain responsibility for your well being and happiness. I know I want to. That way we  can be enough for ourselves, secure in our inner being and in-tune with what makes us love ourselves. No one should have that power over you. No one should be able to take caring and loving for you away and make you forget or make you lazy. You deserve the time to show yourself all the love in the world and I do too. I remember needing so badly a man to give me anything to make me feel loved, even my babies cant do that, not work or keeping busy, not my business…I am so glad I believe and know in my heart I am more than enough and all I need.

Celebrate and explore with me our thoughts, creativity, beauty, strengths, accomplishments and talents.





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