Self care (a mini series)

Self care is more than just a buzz word, especially this crazy time of the valentine month. It’s more than just something you do if your single and lonely or feeling special on your birthday and I don’t mean that to be mean or insensitive. It is a mindset and all too often I see this common thread of moms who believe NOT taking care of themselves or feeling tired and busy ALL the time is NORMAL. There was a time I wanted so badly to be the perfect wife, mother, teacher, friend, house keeper, chef and everything in between. When I looked up I had helped a soul mate at that time in my life finish college with good grades, while I was just “taking care of my home”. I watched one friend travel the world and another work up in his career and another cultivate her talents and passions. Meanwhile I was taking care of everyone else except Ashley. It should physically and mentally, I lost a lot of weight and my daughter would catch my vibes all the time of my unbalance. Even at that young age, she knew something wasn’t right with me and would become clingy and protective. YES, when you have children, a home and a partner they will need you, but you need to maintain, preserve and LOVE you more than any role or feel good title so that you can be the best you can be for them, especially children. At that time, I honestly didn’t know it was self care that I so badly needed to practice like my religion…

Years later here I am, wanting to share what self care is and what it means to me. This series will be split between my blog and YouTube and I am so excited to share some ideas, DIYS and uncovering some myths! Lets Talk :)

Watch the series HERE 😊



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