About Me

my-lifeHeyyyy, My name Ashley Laine. I am a mother of 3, Autumn, Raelle and my furry baby Titi, our pet shihpoo. Oh! and our beta, purple, lol together we live with the man of the house, in Northern VA. I am a bit on the eclectic side, spontaneous almost to a fault and loud. I love writing poetry, shopping, traveling, DIY projects and horseback riding. Between being a sahm, yoga and breaking a nail (I always manage to do that lol) and running my business (the Hawk’s Nest Collection) my family and I keep busy, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

2015 through the beginning  of 2016 and the pregnancy of my second daughter lead to so much conscious growth. I found myself being more open minded to spirituality, learning more about history, the world, my passion and unlimited potential as an empowered and independent soul. I became a pesco- vegetarian and started practicing yoga. I also started giving myself permission to dream bigger, to be, to do more, grow my business, to heal, to love and care for myself first and live without any societal molds, stereotypes, roles and assumptions.

That led to my intertwining lifestyle blog and business concepts being birthed together. I hope you visit often and share with me on your journey.


What’s in a name: About The Hawks Nest

As a child with my grandparents and I used to ride through the woods on their tractor, binoculars in hand, ready to catch a glimpse of a pair of hawks that were mates for life. They had made their home on the family land. A few times we even spotted their offspring. The birds were so graceful and beautiful to me. I fell in love with nature and hawks with those memories.

To me, nests represent our sacred spaces. They are designed to hold our creativity, personality, beauty, peace, art, memories, good vibes, love and the people and things we cherish, which are all pieces of ourselves. It is that same thoughtfulness that I poured into the concept of my blog, twig by twig, thought by thought, a place to share and express myself. So many different layers and pieces come together to create this haven of my thoughts.