Sisters through life 

  Feeling a little nastalgic because I stumbled over this picture I had forgotten about 😩 and it reminded me of how for the past several months I had been withdrawing away from the women I loved because of personal reasons and I was a shell of woman coping, smiling and existing behind a veil as I felt like my life was falling apart…again… but this picture reminded me that there will always be my sisters. No matter what happens, if I could just let my pride and pain subside enough to just share. Just to be able to say: This is what I have been going through and I just need some support. Not a dumbing sessions, not a pity party, just surround myself with the positivity of my girls who have known me beyond the roles and responsibilities. A friend like that can help you remember. A friend like that can remind you and encourage you of triumphs and goals met and all the good to see. We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. Unforgiving even….when these beautiful women shared this day with me, it was them who kept me calm. Helped me with my daughters. Helped me run around like a crazy woman lol helped me cry and laugh and celebrate and crash when it was all over. My husband was an after thought lol 


Not your average momprenuer blogger

No longer will you come here and find a beautifully pulled together: how to: preacher: expert on balancing it all on 

 fumes. I feel like that was my narrative before. Because that’s what bloggers do right? They share something they know: Tips, and their perfect lives, schedules, menus, how they run their homes, businesses etc. even for the micro blogger on IG. I know the goal is to inspire but some things everyone just simply can’t told how to do. I see your prefectly clean and decorated homes, folded clothes, meal prep. For the week, outfit of the day, kids hair done, date night with hubby planned, content created and life just right on schedule. Meanwhile I struggle to get before noon….and it isn’t jealously just a reality check within myself. I have to remind myself that I am not that woman I want so badly to be lol I am dangerously spontaneous 

I am overly creative in my mind and struggle to keep up physically with all the things I want to glue and paint… 

I swear I am a writer/ poet to several undiscovered and unpublished works 

This blog is like therapy….idk who reads it and thats ok. 

 A poem

A Poem 

Woman: mostly defined through a role of the males agenda. As the accessory. behind the accomplishments and successes and not the very beginning. The very nurturing and upbringing in every society. The compassion and love. Attributes of all things patient,warm, emotional aware, feeling, all things good,safe, fair, just, balanced, whole, sexual and creative. She is the bridge of existence. opitome of all that you have. Without her you can not be. 

They would go to the ends of the earth. Fight wars and reign the moon…just to rest between warm thighs, weary of their own ways. But acknowledge she should rule and govern the earth and affairs of little boys? That is how the first eclipse became. For most she will forever be, their own mother, sister, wives and daughters: Be the pawned accessory serving in her own world, fragile egos and fear of unknown peace. 

But for all the beauty the cultivate, when did the first man try to forget it was with the women they were raised?